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What this session will help you do:

Think Differently

Growing your business is scary. There are many unknowns. We will help you see growth differently and get you ready to make the decision.

Make the decision

We will review tools you can use to help you decide if the time is right to grow your business once and for all.

Create a Plan

Whether the decision to grow your business is for now or in the future, we will discuss ways to create your plan of action.

Who are we?

I am Nancy G. Allen, global speaker, author, and growth guide to women business owners. I have been helping women business owners start, grow, and legacy their businesses for over twenty years. 

I am joined by my communications and community guide, Steph McFee, who has been an advocate for women in business for over fifteen years.

Together, we will support you with making the decision you are currently grappling with: The Decision to Grow Your Business!

So do you want to know if your business is ready to Grow?

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