The #1 Strategy to Grow Your Business!

What is it? Getting contracts. And not just any contracts, corporate contracts.
The Growth Shift Membership gives you what you need to succeed in business.

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Are you looking to grow your business with corporate contracts?

Then we have the tools you need.
We have identified 12 steps every business needs to take in order to prepare and secure corporate contracts.

Our membership focuses on one step each month providing tip sheets, videos, success stories, and so much more!

Here is our lineup:

Digital Presence

What does your digital presence say about your business? From your website to social media, get the tips and tricks to make you stand out.

Capability Statement

Your capability statement is the #1 piece of content corporates will look at when reviewing bids. How does yours measure up?

Sustainability Statement

Do you have one? Do you know what one is and how to write it? Corporates are looking for businesses with a sustainability commitment.

Claim Expert Status

What are you doing to showcase your expertise? From speaking to blogging, there are countless ways to get your name out and claim your expert status.

Get Certified

Are you certified as a woman-owned business? How about minority or veteran? Certification is important and corporates want to know if you have it.

Get Registered

Are you registered? Wondering what that is and why it's important? They will be asking and looking, so it's time to find out.


From the client to who they have worked with before you, research is key. But where do you start? It can be overwhelming, but there is a way to get it done effectively.

Vendor Open House

How do you find out about these and what are they? Are they worth your time and how much preparation is needed? 

Prepare for Matchmakers

It's not a dating site, but it is all about building relationships. You have limited time to make your first impression, so it's time to get ready.

Prepare the Pitch

Whether it's 90 seconds or 5 minutes, your pitch is when you need to shine. There are elements that every pitch needs, do you know what they are?

2nd Tier Opportunities

Have you heard of 2nd Tier? This is a huge way to get started working with corporates. There are tips to getting a 2nd tier contract and what you do from there.

Onboarding the Client

Got the contract? Great, but the work is just getting started. To ensure you keep and get more contracts depends on the success of how you start and manage your corporate relationship.

What's Included:

Weekly Content

Each week you will receive a piece of curated content focused in three areas: video, book, and exercises. Each month features a theme and all content relates to helping you learn and gain new insights into that theme.

Community Coaching Calls

Once a month, attend our open forum community coaching call. Nancy G. Allen will serve as your host to guide you through discussion of the content received throughout the month and provide opportunity for live support.

Portal & Community

You will have access to an online portal where all content is archived for you to access whenever you need it. We also have included a virtual community where you can engage with other women businesses owners managing their own growth shifts.

Discounts to the WBDC

The further power of our membership is that you have access to all program banners that the Women's Business Development Council manages. As a member, you receive discounts and access to everything we offer.

Are you a Certified WBE through WBEC Florida?

First:  congratulations on your certification. 
Second: get ready! You are able to become a member of The Growth Shift for FREE.

That's right!

Reach out to our Community Guide, Steph McFee, for more information.



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